Studio XdB

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Studio XdB

Gershman Acoustics, a leading manufacturer of high-end loudspeakers, has introduced its latest creation, the Studio XdB loudspeaker, at the Montreal Audio Show 2023.


  • Frequency response 23Hz-24 KHz
  • Sensitivity 87 dB
  • Impedance 6 Ohms
  • Recommended power 70w-500w
  • Weight 68 lb  Height 37”  Width 10″  Depth 14”
  • Woofers – 8″”
  • 1” soft dome tweeter

Product Details

The Studio XdB loudspeaker is a unique addition to Gershman Acoustics’ lineup, as it is not a studio monitor. This loudspeaker boasts an impressive frequency response of 23Hz, which is a remarkable achievement in the world of loudspeakers.

To achieve this feat, Gershman Acoustics has integrated its patented Bass Trap into the stand, which helps extend the bass response of the loudspeaker and eliminate the back wave. This innovative approach not only delivers excellent bass performance but also allows for a compact design that saves valuable space.

Moreover, Gershman Acoustics has included a Mass Loading Device and IsoAcoustics Gaia 2 devices that further enhance the bass response of the Studio XdB loudspeaker and help eliminate resonance. These features make the Studio XdB loudspeaker an excellent choice for Music lovers, Audiophiles, and professionals in the audio and music industry that demand ex musicality and exceptional audio quality.

The Gershman Acoustics Studio XdB loudspeakers are renowned for their ability to reproduce bass that even large floor speakers rarely achieve. Thanks to the innovative Bass Trap technology integrated into the stand, coupled with anti-resonance device feet, and a unique damping device atop the speaker enclosure, these speakers effectively manage low-frequency reproduction while minimizing distortions and resonances. Additionally, these speakers excel in delivering deep, powerful bass without sacrificing clarity or precision. Whether you’re listening to rock, classical, jazz, or any other genre, the Studio XdBs ensure an immersive and enjoyable listening experience.

The Gershman Acoustics Studio XdB loudspeakers, renowned for their exceptional sound quality, have been honored with multiple awards for their outstanding performance. With innovative design features and meticulous craftsmanship, these speakers offer unparalleled clarity and precision, making them the preferred choice for discerning audiophiles, music lovers, and recording studios worldwide.

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