Kronos, Gershman, TLA and Cardas | Munich 2024

I’m mentioning Kronos first in this show report as a reminder to not focus exclusively on the superb synergy between Gershman Acoustics and True Life Audio. This is the third or fourth time I’ve listened to Gershman and TLA, and I’m always impressed by the pure musicality of this system. But as I mentioned in the Vivid Audio report, there were $100,000 Kronos Discovery turntables everywhere at the show, and there was a strong correlation between the presence of this gorgeous industrial beast and great overall sound.

Words and Photos by Marc Phillips

First, let’s talk about Gershman Acoustics and TLA. At Munich 2024, this room featured the Gershman 30th Anniversary Black Swans, the new flagship for this Canadian speaker manufacturer, and the big separates, including monoblocks, from True Life Audio. Another reason why I’m so fond of this combo is that I’m getting the TLA TSI-300 integrated in for review very soon, and I’m still in possession of the Gershman Studio XdB speakers I reviewed a few months ago. That means I will get to review these two brands together–but I did suggest that maybe the Black Swans might pay me a visit as well. (I already have the Cardas cables…perhaps I can score a Kronos too?)

After spending some time in this exhibit room at Munich 2024, I’ve come to the conclusion that all three brands–really four counting Cardas–contribute equally to the magic. I find it amusing that all the people involved–Aristomenis Georgiadis (TLA), Louis Desjardins (Kronos) and Eli and Ofra Gershman are such sweet and kind people, and they make hi-fi that really kicks out the jams. (The Cardas folks are also okay by me.) I know from my experience with Gershman that they build speakers that are relatively modest in size, and yet capable of plumbing the depths when it comes to the lowest frequencies. Kronos, of course, is the source that makes these fireworks sound so accomplished.

Needless to say, Kronos and Gershman and True Life Audio and Cardas rooms are among the industry’s most rewarding system builders, and I have a hunch that they will continue to strengthen this partnership over the years. If you’re a high-end audio dealer who carries any of these brands, you should truly investigate carrying all three.