CES 2008: Jonathan Valin Explores the World of High-EndLoudspeakers at CES

The Gershman Black Swans ($36k) with Lamm amplification, ….., was one of the Best Sounds of the Show, with superb bass (superb everything, actually, from top to bottom). It isn’t news anymore, but this is one terrific loudspeaker.”

The Stereo Times CES 2008 show report

Lamm Industries/Gershman Acoustics

This was my favorite room for listening to classical music. There’s definitely a magical synergy with the Lamm electronics driving Gershman Acoustics speakers. Present were the power, the weight and the airy sounds of symphony hall being recreated in this room. This was room captivated my imagination as I sat for a good while, enjoying the music. Music was presented via the Gershman Acoustics Black Swan speakers ($36,000) being driven by the Lamm M1.2 Reference ($21,690), ML1.1 ($22,890) amplifiers, with Lamm L2 Reference preamplifier ($14,790) and Lamm LP2 phono preamplifier ($6,990). Digital source was provided by a NeoDio (from France) NR Two Transport (5,800 euros) and NR Two DAC (5,800 euros). Vinyl was played on a Clearaudio Anniversary turntable with a Graham 2.2 tonearm. Kubala-Sosna cables were used throughout. Equipment stand and isolation bases were provided by Critical Mass.