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An art sculpture in you living space.


  • Height 59”
  • Width 12”
  • Depth 17.5”
  • Sensitivity 87 dB
  • Impedance 6 ohms

Product Details

Innovative Design: Revolutionizing Loudspeaker Performance

The Posh comes in two parts, a top section with an Accuton ceramic midrange and a soft-dome tweeter, and a bottom section with two woofers, each in its tuned enclosure. What’s unusual is that the two sections are totally separate from each other. The top is held up by a sculpted steel frame, and the woofer section slides in underneath, not quite touching it.

A Breakthrough in Design and Integration

That will of course depend on the distance to the listening area. An upscale speaker must be built from upscale parts, and the Posh is exactly that. The enclosures, made of 2.5 cm HDF (high-density fibreboard rather than the usual MDF), are reinforced by 6 mm stainless steel plates and are tapered to reduce the incidence of standing waves. The finish is an attractive, Italian, High End glossy black piano finish, but — as you’d expect from a product of this caliber, — they can be any color you desire..

The connectors, from Furutech (Germany), are larger than most and can be tightened thoroughly with only finger pressure. There is a pair of these connectors on the midrange/high unit, but the bass module has two pairs, connected together internally.

There is no crossover in the lower (bass) module. The top module uses a highest -grade capacitor, a Mundorf MCap Supreme Classic Silver-Gold Oil. It is oil-filled, and, as its name suggests, its stators are made with very pure gold and silver. The crossover also uses a Mundorf resistor, an MResist Supreme. The resistor is in a casting compound, to stabilize it and prevent it from acting like a microphone. Lest you suspect that this might be some voodoo theory, in fact almost any product used in audio reproduction can be a microphone. Connectors and soldered joints are especially apt to be microphonic, and there are plenty of both in a loudspeaker.

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