30th Anniversary Grand Avant Garde

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30th Anniversary Grand Avant Garde

Gershman’s Grand Avant Garde bring living, breathing performers to your room.


  • Frequency responce 20Hz- 22kHz,
  • Sensitivity: 87dB
  • Weight: 82 lb
  • Height: 39”
  • Type: Three and a half way dynamic
  • Tweeter: 1” soft-dome, Midrange 5.25” carbon-fibre ,Woofer 8” dual-coil aluminium

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“Gershman’s Grand Avant Garde bring living, breathing performers to your room, with body, presence, and a natural ability to engage and entertain… they perform beyond price and beyond expectations”

Gershman speakers do not look like other loudspeakers – but surprisingly, often, other loudspeakers come to look like the Greshmans.

The Avant Garde’s tapered, truncated cabinet and sloping baffle looks almost familiar, so widely has it been imitated. It is tempting to surmise that the distinctive oblong base added to create the Grande Avant Garde was a response to this general acceptance of the speaker’s looks. However, it simply illustrates another essential aspect of the Gershman credo, an attitude that might best be described as, “Never stop experimenting.” This developmental imperative has always been harnessed to a stable core philosophy; for all their distinctive looks, acoustically and electrically, the different Gershman speakers share common and consistent DNA. What defines a Gershman? Extended low frequencies and an extremely low system signature. As wildly different as they might look, one to another, all Gershman speakers have two things in common – inherent musicality underpinned by surprisingly deep bass.

The Grand Avant Garde incorporates Eli Gershman new Patent Pending design, The BCT (Back-wave Control Technology) and, as the name suggests, along with the resistive line in the main bass enclosure, is designed to trick the bass units into ‘seeing’ a larger volume than is actually there. In addition, the combination of tuned venting and the interior matrix constructed within the oblong base helps create a pressure differential between the main cabinet and the base. That draws the back-wave energy into the acoustically and mechanically separate base element where it is dissipated, reducing both intermodulation distortion and re-radiation through the cone.

“Grande Avant Garde do big, do bass and do imaging. They also do natural and naturally expressive. It is a particularly impressive overall performance and balance of virtues.”

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